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  ■Question & Answer  
  ◇What should I have taken at the locale?  
The thing which you must take by all means is a passport and ticket.A text and DVD reach the hand before departure, you had better bring a text.
  ◇What should I bring with me about the clothes?  
When you practice the massage, the underpants which do not slip are ideal. When it is nylon and the thing of the chemical fiber, a finger slip slipperily, and it is not good to practice.
If there is a T-shirt about Topps, it will be OK.T-shirt is enough about the plain clothes,there are abnormally many cases that an air-conditioner works for in the vehicle.
You should bring a jacket with you.
  ◇Do I have to pay a tip to national staff?  
You don't need. Thai is the country where there is a tip system, but is not surely necessary about NBS Chiang-mai.
  ◇You seem to come to pick up to an airport, but how does the person to pick up recognize me?  
You submit the copy of the passport beforehand. It is sent to the spot by fax. The person come to pick up judges you by see the photograph. Therefore I may don't understand you when impressions are too different.Because the staff has the plate which your name was written, please find the staff from you.
  ◇I understand that meeting comes to the airport,What do I do to recognize that it isn't a doubtful person?  

He bring the business card of NBS Chiang-mai by all means.
With the thing of the type such as follows, please confirm the design of the front and back as follows.

  ◇Is there the emergency address when I have been troubled locally?  
There is it. Because we inform it of the address of the Fon in before departure. He is local representative person. Please don't worry.
  ◇Can I learn it in parallel with local other schools?  
Yes, It is possible. It is all right without problem on schedule.Please try so hard that you are not confused.

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