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  ■Flow from application to attendance

◇You see various courses, and please examine the attendance number of people and the attendance days.
In addition, please examine the Japanese interpreter option whether it is necessary.
We accept the consultation about the plan at any time.Please talk from an inquiry form willingly.

  ◇You input a necessary matter into an application form, and please transmit a message.
It becomes temporary application receptionist, and to be this stage is not an official application.
We confirm whether there is a space in a schedule here by a plan desired whether attendance is possibility.
  ◇We will contact you by e-mail if we get confirmation to the locale.  
  ◇If you confirm a reply email, please make payment of the tuition in the designated transfer.  
  ◇After confirmation of the payment,we will be settled by reservation.
We dispatch a text , others document by mail.
  ◇Please arrange the airline ticket to Chiang-mai by yourself.
Please Come to Chiang-mai by a day before of lesson start day.
  ◇Please Come to Chiang-mai by a day before of lesson start day.
The staff goes to Chiang-mai Airport to meet you.
The lesson start on the day or next day.

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