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  Representative greetings  

Please come to Chiang-mai. A lecturer visit to your room of the hotel and teaches Traditional Thai Massage. Don't worry at the place where you are not used to.I meet you at the airport.You can use Japanese at all. We give lesson in it alone. Doing with the experience does not ask it. Please order the technique that you want to learn.


NBS Chiang-mai is The Traditional Thai Massage school of totally new style. You stay in the hotel locally and you don't go to the school. It is the style that a lecturer comes to your hotel.The small schedule is not decide. You talk with a lecturer and decide.

You can confirm the teaching materials beforehand if You apply to NBS Chiang-mai.The preparations for lessons are possible before departure in Japan, too.Please purchase the airline ticket in own depending on budget in travel agency.

You can propose the accommodations in a travel agency. However, you should confirm it in travel agency. Because lecturer cannot enter the room depending on a hotel, and there is it when a charge to enter it is requested separately. In NBS Chiang-mai,we introduce the cheap hotel and guest house. The major travel agency doesn't deal it. It doesn't take the charge.

NBS Chiang-mai is an authorized school of non profit organization Traditional Thai Massage Association Japan(TTMA). Therefore technique and level of the guidance are world top-level.We are different from many schools only as for telling with merely turn. You can finish the meeting of the schooling schedule and an application, the payment beforehand entirely in Japan. Please purchase the discount air ticket to Chiang-mai by each person. We hear the close service such as a meeting at the spot or Hotel lodging arrangement free.

You learn it in sacred place of Traditional Thai Massage "Chiang-mai", as for you, the supports such as finding employment or the commencement of practice are received in Traditional Thai Massage Association Japan. Let's make use of the technique that you learned with much effort.




TTMA Certificated
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