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  ■Climate of Chiang-mai  
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  ■Origin of Thai
It is said that the Thai moved to Thailand along the southern part in China from the northwest in China about 4500 years ago in the Thai origin.Time goes by and is divided into two main groups, One built the Lanna kingdom in the northern part calmly,It is said that another built the Sukhothai kingdom to the Sara in the south.However, the archeological excavation in Baanchang village of Udon thani of the northeast for period, An opinion unlike this surfaced.By evidence about the metallurgy of the bronze,The possibility that moved Thai in the other Asian regions including China as the starting point is thought about. In any case there are many opinions about the Thai origin, Because there is not clear evidence, It doesn't yet reach a conclusion.

  ■History of Chiang-mai
The Meng rai king which reigned in Chiang saen in 1259,He puts from the border of Laos for the Lampung.Lampung is the place there was Hari bung chai kingdom founded by Mon race in those days. He established a new capital in Chiang-mai to be located in along Ping River in 1296.This prospered in the opening of the Lanna kingdom more than further 200 years.The Lanna kingdom expands the territory in sequence, Runner art and literature greets a peak in the Turok rahat king times of the middle part of the 15th century, too.It was these days that Chiang-mai was chosen as the No. 8 world consistory site of Tarawahada Buddhism. After death of Turok rahat king, the Lanna kingdom is weakened by an internal clash and Ayutthaya, war with Burma.Disappointing, and it was conquered by Burma. It was rolled up in the war of Burma and Ayutthaya, Burma and the Siam dynasty afterwards.And Chiang Mai becomes the ruins.It was ruled by Siam dynasty though revival was planned, and Siam dynasty changed the name to the Kingdom of Thailand. And Chiang-mai develops as the Thai best group,and reaches it at the present.

■The climate of Chiang-mai
Thai belongs to a tropical climate,In Chiang-mai the best temperature of 1st 25-35 degrees,The minimum temperature as for 10-24 degrees,The humidity is 70-80%,it is high. A season is divided in the dry season(from November to March),the summer season(from March to May),the wet season(from May to November).

Dry season of Chaing-mai
As for the dry season of Chiang-mai, it doesn't rain, and temperature and the humidity is not so high, the time that is easy to spend very much.The most favorite time of Thai from the middle of December to the beginning of January. Chiang Mai becomes cold so that a sweater is necessary. (The heavy rain fell in the winter of 2002-3 years whether the climate of Chiang Mai changed slowly, and the temperature did not lower, and it was the abnormal weather which there was not in an average year. In some media, there is the article that a climate may have changed under influence of the Chinese colossalness dam construction to be located in the Thai northern part.
In future, Chang mai changes for a dry climate,Seem to be the Thai northeastern district where the crops are hard to grow up and poor.)

Summer season of Chaing-mai
Summer of Chiang-mai has very high temperature with sunlight stabbing in the daytime.The daytime walk must be careful about sunstroke and dehydration in a short time. Temperature does not fall, and a wakeful tropical night is continues.

Wet season of Chaing-mai
Weather of the wet season of Chiang-mai is always clouded dimly, and rain repeats falling off and on.The long rain stops without a rest almost immediately. You don't have any problem even if You don't have an umbrella always ready.The humidity is high, but is easy to comparatively spend it without temperature becoming higher like that because sunlight does not arrive on the surface of the earth. But heavy rain and the long rain continues almost every day at the end of the wet season if it becomes near.

It may be said that climate of Chiang-mai is easy to spend comparatively.There are many cases that a Japanese moves to Chiang-mai. It may be said that it is climate of easy to spend throughout the year. Thai capital Bangkok at the time of "severe intense heat that sweat gushes out of a whole body" , Chiang-mai is place such as the feeling of "pretty hot". But, as for summer season, temperature of the daytime is easy to rise because Chiang-mai City is located in the basin.And there is Doi suthep(1,677m) in the west of the town and disturbs wind from the west. The air of the city stays depending on direction of the wind addition and subtraction.Particularly in dry season, It seems that the whole town is veiled in the dusty.

  ■Summary according of the monthly division
January : It is comfortable coolly.The morning and evening cool off so that breath whitens in the downtown.
February : cool,there is the slightly hot day.
March : It is slightly hot than warm, and the latter half is considerably hot.
April : It is too hot.It is a peak of the heat for the middle.for the end.Seem to die.
May : There are many hot cases for the beginning. An average year enters it in wet season for the top and the middle. And cools down when wet season begins.
June : Wet season. It isn't so hot by the day.
July : Wet season. It isn't so hot by the day.
August : Wet season. It isn't so hot by the day.
September : Wet season. It isn't so hot by the day.
October : Have free it in wet season in the middle for the end.It isn't so hot by the day.
November : It is very comfortable by a day.Morning and evening have many cool cases.
December : Very comfortable. morning and evening have many cool cases.There is the case of breath whitens in the downtown.



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