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  The curriculum of NBS Chiang-mai  
  ・Because a private lesson is basic,is not become it with other groups.
Attendance is possible to 1 person - 4 people at the same time.
  ・We hold a class by the technical acquisition that is usable by practice if possible.
The elaborate muscle does not readily come loose only by often repeating pressure in a big finger.
We train you to recognize an elaborate muscle precisely, and to approach it precisely. We have a practical therapist bring up.
  ・You can start to your schedule.
Because you visit it expressly to Chiang-mai in coordination with a schedule while you are busy, we hold a class by the schedule when you are able to put it together in the schedule if possible as a school.
  ・The lesson for basics until about 9:00 a.m. or more 12:00 p.m. of 1st six hours. In the afternoon until from 13:00 to 16:00. In Chiang-mai, the evening is pleasant.
Taking a massage,practice,eat Thai food, and enjoy shopping,please enjoy Thai to the full freely.
  ・After return home, you can take a follow-up lesson in Japan. (A pay option)
During Chiang-mai stay, even if you think "understood it! I was able to do it!", you may become the uneasy feeling after return home."Is it that? which does not have confidence...".
But it is all right.You can take a follow-up lesson in Japan Nuad Bo Rurn Shibuya principal school.

・In NBS Chiang-mai,we publish an identification of completion.
We prove the lecture that you learned in NBS Chiang-mai with an identification of completion.The proof that you learned with much effort is mailed later to the Japan home.


TTMA Certificated
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