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  ■Lecturer introduction  
Mae Karong Mae Karong
She is resident in Chiang-mai.Having carriers more than 30 years, She teaches the Traditional Thai Massage for China, and the guidance results in foreign countries are rich. She directs guidance as a main lecturer of NBS Chiang-mai now. She has doubt toward the massage that pushing at a finger-tip. She uses full of the whole body skillfully and catch the stiffness of the muscle surely,and It is her characteristic to approach in order to let client get better.
Mae Wan

Mae Wan
She is resident in Chiang-mai. She has the career the massage of the typical Chiang-mai style for 25 years or more. She abundantly has the practice technique for based on the experience, and she is a talented lecturer tries a peculiar air feeling to Chiang-mai to guidance by a soft tone. The course of which she takes charge is a Chiang-mai basic style.

Sen Duan Sen Duan
She is resident in Chiang-mai. She abundantly adds the stretch by an original technique and is massaging the typical Chiang-mai style based on the experience by the site of 30 years or more. She is her no though she is taciturn. A sincere character appears to the massage.The course of which she takes charge is a Chiang-mai basic style.


TTMA Certificated
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