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  ■Chiang-mai map  

Chiang-mai is located in the root of the Malay Peninsula.And it is located in the border neighborhood (about 100km in straight line to the border) with the Burmese (Myanmar). In the southwestern area in Thai highest peak 「Doi・Intah non」(2,556m), the north 「Doi・Chang dao」(2,175m), 「Doi・Ann kan」(1,928m)…. Among the mountains of 2,000m grade, it is the area with many mountains in Thailand.And it is covered in the subtropical zone-related forest, and the Chiang-mai city is located in the basin among the mountains, roughly meters above the sea level about 300m of the town. When go from the town to the north, a mountainous area mainly on the Doi・Chang dao.There are the mountains including Doi suthep in the place of several kilos from the west of the town, the core city. Therefore it is characteristic slightly early at dark to come.In east side,a river called the Ping river flows through the town.But if you just advances, anyway, Anyway, it is town among mountains.

◇Core city
In the Chiang-mai city, the area that is almost called "core city" to the public of the square surrounded in a moat is famous. (It is the form that assumed north, south, east and west one side.)When measured it in Google Earth, when started from the surface of the water part area of the moat and measured it, It become approximately 1 mile (1.6km) with each side and doesn't become 2km.It don't seem to really have it of 2km when I walk.

There are five gates in the moat surrounding the core city.In the center of the north in "the Chang puak gate", the center of the west side in "the Suan dok gate", the center of the east side "the Taape gate." In the only south side,there is two gate.In westerliness "the Suan prung gate",in the east "the Chiang-mai gate".In general, "the Tha phae gate" becoming the landmark of the town and "the Chiang Mai gate" there is the lively market is famousness. It is the quickest to look at this neighborhood in "Google Map".In addition, in the core city, there is regulation of the row of houses along a city street save regulations. A tall building, the commerce institution where a lot of people gather, the original building are can't to be built.People is thoughtless and mustn't cut trees.

Anyway, by this regulation, the town of Chiang-mai goes forth and develops,The core city is left behind as the area that comparatively take it easy. In late years,It take underhand,the boutique hotel is built in the core city.(Is it a city resort?)It is the style that doesn’t disturb the scene of a town short entirely. Taste different from box-shaped hotel seems to get a favorable reception.

◇The north of the core city
There is the Chang puak gate, and there is the market in the outside of the gate, too.When you pass through the gate and go north, the right hand has Rajabhat University soon and reaches the superhighway. Furthermore, when you advance to the north,the Maerim area there are Four Seasons Resort etc,leaves for Mae taeng, Doi chang dao area, Tatung more.When turn on the way to a pai, the Mae hong son area.

◇The west of the core city
The west is the final stage with Doi suthep. Development of the neighborhood is outstanding according to "Nimmanhemin Road".It is close in the foot of the mountain,Chang-mai University. Because Chiang-mai University is near in this area,there are many students.It is characteristic.The condominiums increase in the neighborhood.I don't know who says, but there seem to be "Aoyama of Chiang-mai" and the slightly shameful name to say. It is traffic jam by the sudden spread of privately-owned cars in morning and evening.Stylish shops form a line if you receive it for one step from "Mimmanhemin street" of maine.If traffic jam is gone, it is the good place that is near to the mountain. However, it is not real Aoyama, but the ground rent is considerably high in the city.

◇The south of the core city
There are an airport, supercenter called an airport plaza in the neighborhood and is full very much particularly on the weekend.When is southwestern rather than the south for a direction. When just go,an area called "the Hang dong."In this neighborhood (refer to "Baan tawai") that seems to be famous for miscellaneous goods for some people, development as the bed town advances rapidly. As a proper conclusion, the traffic jam of morning and evening is severe.When I can pull Hang dong and advance,You can go out to Sanpatong, the Thai highest peak Doi・Intah non area, visiting Mae sariang to Mae hong son. In addition, when you compromise from Hang dong for the area called Sumoon and go for a while,Belle Villa Resort etr,large and small resorts are a certain areas. Because there are much small scale resorts where the price is reasonable, the resort of this neighborhood is interesting when you go from one the resort to another.The person who likes simple resort will like it. In addition, you can out to Maerim with Four Seasons Resort when you just go ahead through the resort area.But it is considerably terrible mountain path, there is possibility to regret when you advance to the point with a light feeling.But it is a quite good superb view.

◇The east of the core city
We want to say from the Tha phae gate to the east, but the Taha pe street is one way to the west to the ping River.For the sake of a river, the south side from Taha pe street"Changklan street" was more famous according in a knight bazaar. As well as a store outflow to Nimmanhemin etr, It was awarded damage for 2 degrees deluge (anyway a river is near) very much recently in 2005. Tourists decrease in coup,the consumption of the tourist decreases with higher bhat,visitors decrease for political situation uneasiness,it was robbed of a visitor by a market above all on market and Saturday on Sunday. Bazaar in itself is tears eyes, but it is Chiang-mai's greatest Hotel town, and it is saved. Anyway, when go to the east for a while across the river,arrive to Bo sang(the place name)and Sankhampaeng. There is "Sankhampaeng hot spring" in Sankhampaeng,When there is it more than 20 kilos from the town of Sankhampaeng.If you thinks that there is it in that place of the town, it is a howler. In addition, when you advance from the city to the northeast area,you can pull Doi saket and reach Viang papao,Chang-rai,the Mae sai area. When you advance from the city to the east once and go to the south,To Lamphun, and Lampang, the Bangkok area. You cat go to the Esan(the Thai northeastern district) area.


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