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  ■Japanese interpreter option  

A national staff is Thai, but you don't needs worry because he can talks Japanese.
The lecturer doesn't understand Japanese, but the words will be unnecessary for physical how to use.
We send text and DVD before.You will be easy to understand contents if you prepare for tomorrow's lesson.
We can send a Japanese interpreter with a class as an option if you have uneasiness.
A Japanese interpreter will be necessary if you will understand a small question and theory, correspondence by the practice to a deep stage.
The rate is 10,000 yen per 1st.(There is the case to improve charge by an exchange fluctuation slightly.)

  Because the Japanese interpreter option is personnel expenses,isn't increase by the attendance true number of people.
If you take lectures by plural number,It is reasonable if you break it together.
  You don't need to appear the Japanese interpreter option every day.
It is reasonable if you decide whether"use it for several days of an attendance period".
You can ask locally by the timing when it is necessary at every few days.
You can ask what you didn't understand in several days in mass.


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