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  ■Charasteristic of NBS Chiang-mai  
  ■Is it to learn a turn?
It is necessary to learn "mental attitude" and "reading of the physical situation", "meaning of the pressure" and "meaning of the stretch", "must be careful" most to bring up the professional therapist of the Traditional Thai Massage.However, there are many culture schools It teach only "turn" and make end. As a result, It is not usable as professional.It seem to have got possible to surely do it from the eyes of the amateur. However, thus will it be good?
■We are particular about professional
NBS Chiang-mai is the school which is particular about professional. It can say only masturbation even if you learn the Technique that is not usable. When you go to the salon for interview after graduated from the school, technical check waits by all means. If you are said to "be understaffed technically" at the stage,there is not the meaning that you learned expressly at the school. Therefore, in NBS Chiang-mai, we do administration to raise technique to pass as professional.
  ■The Thai massage of various styles
Even if we say Thai massage in mouthful,there is the style innumerably. Many People wanting to be Thai massages go to the many schools. They gets a lot of technique and performs it to do the massage that they matched with the symptom of the client.So that it learns a lot of technique. And the reason is because it performs a massage in accord with the symptom of the client.In addition, there is it for the purpose of they put the skill together, and making up an original style. In NBS Chiang-mai, we can offer the lesson that accorded with an each person's demand.The reason is one-to-one or small number of people basically.
  ■Comparison with other schools of Chiang-mai
When you do selection of school, it is natural to examine the school which matched oneself while comparing with other schools.We itemized characteristic only for this school. Please use to help selection of your school.

You can take the lesson in the room of the hotel.
When you learn it at the school of Chiang-mai,you arrive to the school after arriving at the spot and apply.It is general style. It is worn-out physically and mentally of you till the start lesson. We give lessons in the room of the hotel where you stay in. It is safe and reasonable and can learn it comfortably every day than you go to school by taxi.

It is with pick up to Chiang-mai Airport.
In time when you arrive, a national staff waits in the airport.We see you to the hotel of accommodations with responsibility by car with an air-conditioner from there. Of course we don't have the additional charge at all.Because this is service included in school bill either.It is reasonable and safe. Please come to Chiang-mai in peace.

You can start in favorite schedule.
In the other schools, the lecture start day is selected as when it starts.
NBS Chiang-mai matches the schedule of the student with lecturer and can start lesson.

DVD now on sale!
Preparations for lessons and the review can do as you like. If you get DVD,preparations for lessons and a review are possible anytime.It is frequent to make an effort in learning turn. The case which student couldn't understand small nuance.If there is document as the picture,
student can grasp a feeling of speed and physical, how to use and feeling of air well.So student can advance surely.

You are all right in Japanese. You don't need worry.
A national staff is Thai, but can speak Japanese.He can speak Japanese. Therefore you don't need worry.The lecturer doesn't understand Japanese, But you may understand the contents if you have identify DVD and text beforehand.We can follow Japanese interpreter if you have worry.

  ■NBS Tokyo and NBS Chiangmai in the sisterhood
NBS Tokyo and NBS Chiangmai are in the sisterhood. So, In the case of the admission, an entrance fee is unnecessary.


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