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  ■Representative greetings  

Please come to magnificent city Chiang-mai.
I go to inviting you to Chiang-mai International Airport.
Japanese, English is OK. Don't worry.

Is the hotel of the stop already subscribed for?
I arrange it immediately if you have not yet come.
I work as the interpreter teaching, if you necessary.
I inform Chiang-mai sightseeing.
Because originally I was local tour guide, leave it to me.

NBS Chiang-mai makes a plan to hope of the each visitor.
Because you come far way to Chiang-mai, I introduce the good Thai food and good massage salon.
Country of any place will be so,
After all...there are good shops and no good shops.

The lecturers of NBS Chiang-mai is only good masseur of the reputation in the hometown.You cannot meet really good masseur even if you come with a tour package.
Why? The reason is the local person don't wants to be known. I'm sorry.But this is true...I am different. To visitor coming to NBS Chiang-mai, I will teach all.

I took a massage so far.But I want to change and am studying now. I should understand the meaning of the question of all of you. Therefore I am a situation of the students same as all of you.Let's study and do your best during a class.I think that I want you to learn not only the turn but also a small nuance. You improve it, and please play an active part as a popular therapist after having returned to Japan.

As a representative of NBS Chiang-mai, I hope that all of you become good.I want students to come much.And I wish that I want students to please heartily. For my wife and child… I wait to see you in Chiang-mai.


              Representative of NBS Chiang-mai
Fon Sintae


TTMA Certificated
NBS Chiangmai all right reserved 2009