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About Non Profit Organization Traditional Thai Massage Association Japan (TTMA)


 Non Profit Organization Traditional Thai Massage Association Japan(TTMA)is group of aimed at spreading Traditional Thai Massage. Than the establishment of November,2000, Up to today, we have tell the splendor of the Traditional Thai Massage to the society through various activity. Cooperation to operation training program for Thai living in Japan (Kingdom of Thailand Embassy sponsorship),A tie-up with domestic and foreign schools, The holding of the Thai culture event,the demonstration by the Thai hood Festival,the demonstration at the international school,the demonstration by various events, the commentary through the mass media,the enforcement of the free trial seminar in the authorized school,A healing-related symposium with many teachers, Free commencement of practice consultation to general people,volunteer activity,as for the explanation of a right opinion for the police charge post,the activity was introduced to the many divergences. The Traditional Thai Massage becomes gradually major probably because there is the worth,Prejudice was decrease,it become accepted in the world. The industry spread at the same time, and even the many members of this association arrived at 2,000 levels.In the setup time of this association, there was the strong prejudice 「Thai massage = manners and customs」.It was able to gradually get understanding what kind of thing an original Thai massage is. The significance of existence of this association TTMA would be big.

 Furthermore, the situation is different from few years ago greatly, in the Thai massage market is established as popular. Many saron gets profit. and fall into lack of serious therapist at the same time. In Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association (TTMA), we think that this market entered into the second grade. And promote facilities of the learning environment of the Thai massage that added to salon in the whole country. There is another reason for it. It is private qualification,and there is blind spot. We want to purpose to restrain that schools transmitting easy, dangerous technology increase without belonging to the association daringly. We want to prevent students from being sacrificed at the school of the only business purpose. There is a threat that the Traditional Thai Massage often causes dangerous accident. The visitor coming to the salon may not be 100% healthy body. We include the danger that leads to an unexpected accident by repeating the same work like a robot. We include such a crisis control, and the professional therapist must not neglect to learn it.

 Many Japanese and a Thai living in Japan, They holds the professional Thai massage therapist qualification of Traditional Thai Massage Association Japan(TTMA). The maintenance of the qualification is important to spread Traditional Thai massage definitely.If herapist perform dangerous act and accident as Thai massage, it is recognized that Thai massage is dangerous.We want to watch the activity of the therapist in future who has right way of thinking and safe management.

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