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  ■Impression of graduate  

Thank you for the perfect support. I enjoyed each day at Changmai learning Traditional Thai Massage. I am very happy that Mae Karong could be my teacher. Her skills and her 40 years experience is exceptionally, and I am now really happy to have learnt Thai Massage from Mae Karong from the very basics. In the mean time I applied the massage already in my home country Austria to friends and I had very positive feedback. I also appreciate the
hospitality of the whole team (teacher, coordinator, translator) and I kindly would like to recommend our translator Arunee Sukhamchan ("Ruby") to any visitor of Chiangmai as a perfect sight seeing guide (her English and her organizational talent is perfect). In addition I can summarize now how a wonderful place Chiangmai is for diving into a relaxing world. Also the hotel Eurasia with its swimming pool was a perfect choice. Thanks so much to everybody who contributed to this exciting stay in Chiangmai. regards. Dr. Hugo


I am sorry to appear in the graduation actual voice.I'm Miyuki Honda.I was in charge of business in Japan of NBS Chiang Mai now but I learned the testicles massage "Jap Kasai" and Jap sen of Ms. Mae Karong myself.I engage in work as an instructor of the traditional Thai massage in Japan, but I studied in various ways when I sometimes study as student again.NBS Chiang Mai is ...so good.I am happy even if I say anything★Because it is the sense of the personalized instruction, I listen to anything.The feeling that becomes the friend in at home even if I take it.The recommended hotel is cheap, and it is the geographical convenience of the center area, and the Thai hood is delicious, and it is a safe place.The coffee boy seems to be a secret boomto for a woman recently about this neighborhood so please ask me directly.I guide you in detail.Miyuki Honda

I wore the technic of the traditional Thai massage more and wanted to deepen it and decided to enter NBS Chiang Mai this time.The national staff came to pick me up in the airport of the Chiang Mai arrival and took it to the hotel of accommodations.There is not at all the worry that this loses its way in the first town and is reliable. Because there is not trouble to move to the other places so it is very comfortable.I can face a class calmly after putting it in a breath after breakfast leisurely.The teacher is a person expert very much playing an active part as a therapist locally more than 30 years.With a carriage called off vividly, and I find out stiffness instantly and do the technique understanding precisely powerfully.There is a thing to stare wide-eyed at.
I was desperate to wear the technic of the teacher a little and return to Japan but was not able to readily learn it.The teacher did none of the unpleasant faces to such me and taught it carefully many times patiently.It was a very difficult class for myself "You came with much effort to Chiang Mai, I want you to learn most a little.It is ... in what may be able to teach various things if there is time" said Ms Mae Karong so I tried hard to meet the enthusiasm of her. I finished the class in the eveningand I can spend the class freely afterwards.I walk while looking in the stand of the knight bazaar and receive genuine Thailand massage, and it is good to smack its lips in delicious Thailand cooking.It was right five days when I learned it well, and I played well.By this attendance, I got possible to have confidence toward how to use elbow than before.In addition, Ms Mae Karong had me teach how I could understand stiffness efficiently. I want to continue learning a Thai massage more from now on to work hard by the valuable experience in Chiang Mai.Tatsuya Urabe
I thought that it was hardly a level to learn a massage in home Thailand when I had begun to learn the traditional Thai rite massage.I began to learn it passing some months later, there was the tour of the Ms. Honda going together in NBS Chiang Mai and I thought that the overseas travel that there was not was reliable by the first tour in Thailand if a teacher was in same it and proposed it by an immediate answer.It was attendance of Chiang Mai style five days this time Because I made it attendance working under an interpreter, really detailed every time

, Ms phone of the spot coordinator interpreted attendance contents, and it became clear, and it was studied the truth in real time what Ms maker Ron of the lecturer could stream down.It was the surgical operation that is apt to chase a model so far , but I believes it a little when the Chiang Mai-style where I read a muscle and approach not has an influence on my surgical operation.Ms. maker Ron who is in very passionate one scolded and encouraged me every day.It was the attendance of thick contents, but I think that I became the step-up of my own.The thing which only I do not become known, but I feel hungry after having taught it seriously.Ms phone took it to the good shop of the Thailand food with Ms phone to gluttonous we student every time, and it was five days when it was satisfied with both the instant heart and the stomach.I think that even person thinking of attendance, woman one can participate in peace in NBS Chiang Mai.I got pickup working under a coordinator from an airport to a hotel and it was safe.And please follow an interpreter by all means.Thai culture and a general Thai way of thinking and the best attendance content become clear.In addition, I want to go to Thailand to meet Mr. maker Ron if there is an opportunity.Kaori Ito


TTMA Certificated
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