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  ■After follow of the attendance  
  You finish being self-satisfaction even if you learn Traditional Thai massage with much effort if you don't make use of it.
It is good to make it family and acquaintances.You can obtain professional qualification and work in salon. You can practice medicine.

  NBS Chiang-mai is an authorized school of TTMA(non profit organization Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association).You can receive the following supports after having gone back to Japan, if you play an active part as work. (You need TTMA therapist sign-in)
1. Free finding employment consultation
2. Free commencement of practice consultation
3. Massage accident compensation to 100,000,000 yen
4. Professional therapist introduction in homepage
  After you learned it in Chiang-mai and having gone back to Japan,It is all right even if you have uneasiness towards technique.
You can take a follow-up lesson in Japan Nuad Bo Rurn Shibuya principal school.(A pay option)

  ◇Person hoping for salon duty
In the salon of many Traditional Thai massages,therapist is lack tendency. A double work and duty only of weekend, duty only of the middle of the night...You can work active part as work to the situation as much as desired in favorite time.Specifically, please refer from a form.
  ◇Person hoping for commencement of practice
The Traditional Thai Massage that the popularity is lower. There is business opportunity there simply because a so splendid massage is not known. A lot of people succeeded in practice medicine at home, and business trip business, salon management. We fix the various support systems depending on a commencement of practice plan.Specifically, please refer from a inquiry form.

TTMA Certificated
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