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  ■About NBS Chiang-mai

NBS Chiang-mai is Traditional Thai Massage school in Chiang Mai that is the second city of Kingdom of Thailand.

There are lot of Traditional Thai Massage schools in Chiang-mai.
You might use and examine the Internet whether there is good school.

Learning the thai massage in home Thailand,There is an advantage. Moreover, there is a disadvantage, too.
Inexperienced person, experienced person, many people come to Chiang-mai and learn the Thai massage.
How many people passing as a professional therapist after return the home?

In addition, the inexperienced person comes to do best in learning a turn by all means.
But the really important things are how to catch a muscle and approach it precisely,
and steal such anuance from the teacher.
If students don't understand this,they can not possible to progress.



In Chiang-mai, the school of the Thai massage developed as business for foreigners greatly in these past several years. Many schools teach in broken English in the big group lesson. Teaching to the power of people at a time is necessary for the construction of the business base. But,the most of them teach only the massage,
There are no schools supporting to find a job or become independent after graduation.

Actually we conduct a business, too.NBS Chiang-mai had doubt toward the way of such a business base.We surely conduct a business, too. But we intend to do better business to have all of you please.Not to end Thai Traditional Massage in transient boom… Even if profit is bad, people are useful,think that must be a person.Therefore we get up mainly on one-to-one lesson and teach helpful Traditional Thai Massage to an each person's level.



People wanting to be a professional seem to increase in ... these days whether you are useful.
Therefore we cooperate with the most popular association in Japan and administer it.
TTMA…Non Profit Organization Traditional Thai Massage Association Japan

We issue the qualification of the Traditional Thai massage therapist globally to the Japanese, Thai, Westerners and perform various support for qualified person. At the level in pursuit of only a turn, the qualifying examination of this place will end with a disappointing result.
Therefore we do our best with every effort to be able to have you assure people in NBS Chiang-mai.
We think the follow after the graduation to be necessary by all means for Traditional Thai Massage school.

Only in the established fact that learned Traditional Thai Massage in a Thai own country,
It is the times when it is not used as professional.You learn the really splendid Thai traditional massage,
and please spread this Thai traditional culture all over the world.
Please make personal people health.We want to help it by having people learn the genuine Traditional Thai Massage.
We are happy if they have you be helpful by offering the genuine Traditional Thai Massage to somebody.


TTMA Certificated
NBS Chiangmai all right reserved 2009